Honoring The Four Agreements

Having my Subaru back has given me the one simple gift I missed so very much….my audio version of The Fifth Agreement.

It has been my Mantra. That simplifies it to a leave of understanding for those reading this blog, not to simplify the reader but to make it understandable, as it is indescribable for myself, how it makes me feel.

My idea was this… That in trying to follow the first agreement of Be Impeccable With Your Word, I would try to end my day speaking to the things that did not follow in that goal, today.

Impeccable thoughts/words about others…about myself…about anything other than my being true to coming away from the dream…my dream.

I hope that you too will post your conscious of the day, not for any other reason than to see it down on paper.

Today I ….convinced myself I wanted to drink instead of honouring my body for another day.

Today I…. considered not being good enough.

Today I….told myself it was OK not to try.

I pray that I do not hold onto these dreams, That I let them go and try to move away from them. I Love you Christ. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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