I’ve grown so accustomed to it.

Hearing only the buzzing in my mind and the subtle hum of  electricity running through the fan as the blades create a gentle woush through the stillness that embraces the silence. The occasional crash of ice falling from the machine in the freezer and every once in a while the faint groan of a jet flying overhead leaving behind a curious stillness on its journey.

The silence stirs the mind to fill the void of nothing that challenges the sense of sound.

Not even the sound of traffic in the distance or a long traveled train on occasion, nothing, nothing but the hum in my mind and the voices in my head conversing about my world and guiding it into questionable sanity.

When I think outside the window into the darkness of the night a void appears in my mind. A darkness of quantum proportions as if the silence begins to tumble out of control into the deepest holes in the stratosphere, ending no where. Carrying with it all of the nothingness that exists in the moment that it surrounds.

The silence remains forever.



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