About the Blog

I started this blog to be able to write about the experiences in my two separate lives.

The life I lived from December 15 1966 until January 6,2013 is The First Life, a time of experiences that were so deeply rooted in what I know now to be the ego and not in the Love that I know now to be the only truth. This time in my life is still sometimes overwhelming to me.

My  New Course began that day in January and ignited the journey forward, moving out of what I know was the tools myself and those around me were given and moving into what I know Gods intention has always been, to live in Love.

There are many different tales to tell, some will fall under The First Life and some under My New Course. Some will be happy and some will seem sad but as you read please know that my intention is simply to communicate my journey with the new truth that I have discovered in MyNewCourse.

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